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Opening an eFX solutions personal account allows you to make international payments or overseas money transfers to almost anywhere in the world via our simply to use eFX online platform.

You can use the eFX online platform to exchange your money from one currency to another, and also make single or multi payments to a third parties account, credit your own bank account of the same currency, or for holiday, credit a travel card of the same currency.

Having a personal account with eFX is ideal for the following: 

  • Buying or selling property abroad
  • Making regular payments abroad (pension payments)
  • Being paid in a foreign currency
  • Migrating abroad
  • Buying or selling overseas assets
  • Transferring one currency to another for holiday cash
  • Paying a invoice in a foreign currency (villa deposit, family abroad)
  • Transfer/deliver monies directly to where they need to go, when they need to go

Just like our eFX corporate account, your personal account benefits from great and consistent exchange rate pricing, calculated to the second against the mid market rate, all confirmed online and by email confirmations, all of which follow a simple FX process and payment workflow.

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